Thursday, May 17

Bye-bye FireFox!

Thats right, bye-bye Firefox. Not IE, Firefox.

Firefox takes up way to many resources of my computer, and even though I have 2 GB of memory, and I'm in GNOME, not Windows, it still got locked up!

So I've switched, and here are my thoughts:

Ug-lee? Its trying to be Mac-like, but its really bad. Its worse than IE7 .

HELP! Annoying Keyboard Shortcuts!!!  I was typing this out, and 5 times I  hit some shortcut to make me loose this post (Thank god for "Recover Post" feature!) And they weren't helpful, they brought me to some startup page. I'm sure I can get rid of these, but I'd like it off by default.

"Speed Dial". Actually, I like this, no Love! Basically, it makes the "new tab" page actually, *gasp* helpful! It splits the page up into 9 sections, each containing a preview of 9 bookmarks. Also, if you type "1" into the browser, it will go to whatever website you have for 1 on speed-dial.

Meebo is fugly. The textbox isn't anti-aliased, and it keeps scrolling up! Along with a variatey of other problems. I bet these will show up on other sites too, sadly :-(

Thats my take on this other browser, I hope its decent.

I also wonder what I does with multiple spaces. I know firefox elinated them, and I HATED THAT!

Lets         See?

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