Thursday, May 17

How to make a Forum-based Community

I've been thinking about it, and theres no real way to quickly make a community, like I've been trying to do.

1.You actually have to do a lot more.
First, you have to come up with some idea, say a new piece of software, or a video-game forum. Just something that will cause people to come.

2.Then, as you do this, people will start to FLOOD! You may think "Wow! This is awesome!", but it isn't. You're forum needs to trim the fat. Theres spammers and n00bish d00ds. 

3.Luckily, about now, your product is dying. This may seem bad, but its the best thing that happened! Those n00bish d00ds are leaving, as they really don't care about people. Everyone's forced through a "sieve", only the people who have friends are left.

4.Now your product is dead. And voila! You have a community.

A clever analogy is this: To make caremel, you need to add water to the sugar so it can melt, but you need boil it away after or the caremel will be bad. 

I guess I'm trying to cheat, and I've seen places on step 3 that are trying as best they can to achieve 4 without destroying thing.

Just my thoughs (and Nin10dudes :D)

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