Tuesday, May 15

What's up with your green, italic text?

Who those who IM me, you know I have a green, italic, Times New Roman font. Some might go as far to say its ugly.

I wanted to address this concern here. Its quite simple really. They did some study to see what color, and style of font is most readable. You guessed it, green TNR italics (on a yellow background) was the easiest.

Since I can't get yellow background, I get as close as I can.

I would do it here, but I agree it does look ghastly!

Update on Cancer Treament

Today, Dr. Evangelos Michelakis posted a letter on the University's site:

Dear Friends:

Let me first express my heart felt thanks for all of your support. Our entire team has been overwhelmed with your messages of encouragement and hope. We have also heard many stories of heartbreak and loss which serve to accentuate the sense of urgency to find a viable and more humane treatment for cancer. Your support is helping us to move this important work forward.

The research plan for clinical trials, testing DCA as a cancer treatment in human beings, is complex and requires careful planning. We are aware that each day the research is delayed greatly impacts those of you who are living with cancer and those of you caring for someone with cancer. It’s been a mere six weeks since our initial results have been published and we now await approval of our research plan from Health Canada. The approval process will take a number of weeks and possibly months. We will continue to update the website when there are significant developments.

We are optimistic that we will be able to launch the trials within a matter of months, a process that normally takes several years. We are enjoying the support of the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and the Alberta Cancer Board, and help from people like you, makes us confident that we will at least succeed in completing this first trial. By itself, taking a drug from the laboratory all the way to completing a clinical trial, is a tremendously difficult process that is almost never completed without the direct support of pharmaceutical industry.

I want to thank all of you who have made contributions to the research fund. We’ve received generous donations, both small and large, from all over the world - from Canada, the USA, China, Holland, Australia, Greece, India, the Philippines and the UK. These funds, almost $100,000, have already helped us secure some of the supplies that we require. However, for the initial research in humans to start, we need to achieve our fundraising goal of $1.5 million. We need this groundswell of support from our global community to grow to insure our success.

On behalf of myself and the Steering Committee for the DCA study, I want to thank you for your caring support and generosity.

Yours truly,

Dr. Evangelos Michelakis

This is great news! I'll keep you guys in the know, considering this site doesn't have an much needed RSS feed!

Newspapers Cost Too Much!

I was thinking of ways to justify the cost of $40/month internet, and one idea hit me: The News.

Lets say you get a daily paper, and a local, weekend paper. Thats average around here.

The daily paper is $0.50 a day, and $0.75 on the weekends. The local paper is $0.75 cents/week.

Thats $3 + $1.50 a week, or $4.50/week, lets say theres only 28 days in a month, and you're left with $18/month for your news.

Internet = free news. Now just to justify the other $22/month, but I'd say eBay takes care of that.

This was random...

Who likes books?

A little while ago, I found a service called lulu, and I figured I should probably try to write a book. I've been thinking about it, and I have a level of "expertise" in a couple of areas. I was thinking about one of the following:
  • Ubuntu for Windows Users
  • Solving The Riddle of GEB:EGB
  • Introduction to PHP
  • Introduction to JavaScript
They're in the order of likelihood.
I like the idea of Ubuntu for Windows Users, because I know too many people who will not switch to Ubuntu simply because they're too good at Windows. Its like QWERTY/Dvorak, No one will switch because it will take time, even though its way better. Switching to Ubuntu, or any distro of Linux isn't that hard, you just have to take a leap of faith.

Then, I also love Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, I hope it wouldn't be illegal to mention/quote his book, however. But the 777 page book is filled with hidden "riddles" and a some self-reference humor.

The others, I probably won't do. I barely have any "expertise", but I could do the real PHP/JS for complete morons.

Please tell me what you want me to write, either one of the above or something completely different, in the comments section.

Clearing up Cancer Confusion

Some of you may doubt me, or hear me say "Cancer's been cured! Go here!". Either way, here is a clear little article I wrote up that explains everything in a relatively condensed manner:


A university in Canada has found a chemical, dichloroacetate, or DCA, that is able to return cancer cell's growth to normal, thus curing cancer. DCA is already cheap and readily availibe, so it won't be expensive. To keep the cost down, they have not, and will not, patent it. It has been tested with lung, breast, and brain cancers already, and is awaiting clinical trials before being widely used.

Why haven't you heard of it yet? It did happen a while ago. Well, this university didn't do a great job with their media relations. So the media hasn't caught on yet. The larger reason is that manufactures won't be able to make much money from DCA, so few will choose to actually make it. Therefore, no company has done a press release to alert the media.

If you think this can't be true, you should reconsider. You can see the university's site. Another factor is that this news wasn't released right to the media for fame, the only reason they would have to lie.

This compound will be a tremendous help. Since it does not effect healthy cells, DCA is virtually risk-free. It is already readily availible, (albeit in an acidic form that is not to be used for medicine), and is a small molecule, colorless, odorless, and is non-toxic. After clinical trials, this breakthrough medicine will be beneficiary to mankind.


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