Tuesday, May 15

Clearing up Cancer Confusion

Some of you may doubt me, or hear me say "Cancer's been cured! Go here!". Either way, here is a clear little article I wrote up that explains everything in a relatively condensed manner:


A university in Canada has found a chemical, dichloroacetate, or DCA, that is able to return cancer cell's growth to normal, thus curing cancer. DCA is already cheap and readily availibe, so it won't be expensive. To keep the cost down, they have not, and will not, patent it. It has been tested with lung, breast, and brain cancers already, and is awaiting clinical trials before being widely used.

Why haven't you heard of it yet? It did happen a while ago. Well, this university didn't do a great job with their media relations. So the media hasn't caught on yet. The larger reason is that manufactures won't be able to make much money from DCA, so few will choose to actually make it. Therefore, no company has done a press release to alert the media.

If you think this can't be true, you should reconsider. You can see the university's site. Another factor is that this news wasn't released right to the media for fame, the only reason they would have to lie.

This compound will be a tremendous help. Since it does not effect healthy cells, DCA is virtually risk-free. It is already readily availible, (albeit in an acidic form that is not to be used for medicine), and is a small molecule, colorless, odorless, and is non-toxic. After clinical trials, this breakthrough medicine will be beneficiary to mankind.


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