Wednesday, May 16

Is 30 Hours Too Much?

Today was standardized testing in school today, specifically math and science. We had to also fill out a student questionnaire. The first half were computer related, the second was courses (Do you take algebra, or algebra II?)

Two questions bothered me: "How many days a week do you use the computer?" as well as "How many hours a week do you use the computer?". Both of them I went over the highest answer.

The first's answer was "Nearly every day", which is wayy off for me, I'd say be 360 days a year (I might miss a day here-or-there). Is that too much? I can justify it because I do use it for schoolwork every day too...

However, I'd guess 30 hours per week is put in. FireFox's TimeTracker extension shows I was using the web for about 1/2 the time from the time I got home to now. But today, I've also read all my RSS feeds (In Liferea, so that isn't in the count). I've also worked on my book in Abiword, and ate dinner. So I'd guess for the 3 hours I've been home, I used 1:30 on FireFox, and another 40 minutes elsewhere. And its only 5:00! Thats a little more than 4 hours a day, and about 30 hours a week! (Weekends have much more computer time).

So, what have we learned? Well that Zach was unimaginative today, and was forced to blog about his computer usage. I was going to blog about an annoying speech I had to listen to today, but it would come out like the whole thing, even though some parts aren't that bad.

By the way, with all interruptions, this post took over 1 hour to write!

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