Monday, May 14

What's Up With This Forum?

If you haven't joined yet, seriously, go here
You may be wondering, "So? Whats the deal-ea-oh?", if you are normal, you are probably wondering, "So? Whats with this?". Either way, its a new type of forum!


I've thought about it, and most, heck ALL forums have barely any democratic.... anything! So, I wanted to try to create something that had a "forum government" that was.

There were 2 options, 100% direct democracy, or a republic. The former would probably lead to mob rule (just look at ancient Greece), so that wouldn't work.

So I started work on a forum that would eventually become this republic. I couldn't use something like phpBB because it isn't flexible enough for me to add in a whole new moderation system, so I had to start from scratch. Right now, a decent forum is in place. It has some markup, some emotes, privates, boards, profiles, the basics.

I'm still touching up on things (let me know!), but I'm mainly trying to get people to freaking use it! WHY WON'T YOU JOIN!?! I have 3 users that I'd call active, one of them being me. Theres less than 10 total, few have more than 5 posts! Its a Catch-22 situation -- you need people to post to get more people to join, and you need people to join for people to post.

So right now, if I haven't lost you, PLEASE JOIN AND POST A LOT! You may notice the CAPS, they were meant to catch your eye, and hopefully force you to do so!

If you are actually reading this sentence, I congratulate you, because most people would have stopped reading. And now for something not completely different!

So anyways, it will be a cool experiment. Please comment on what you think about it, I really need some input!

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